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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Signs that Congress's Diwali will spoil..! 2 MLAs will give a nod to join BJP anytime before assembly elections

Signs that Congress's Diwali will spoil..! 2 MLAs will give a nod to join BJP anytime before assembly elections

Sources are getting information that two MLAs of Saurashtra Congress will do Kesario before the assembly elections.

Ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections, the politics of compromise has become active. Some are breaking up with BJP while some are sitting ready to let go of Congress. The new Naveli AAP party is also sweeping. Then important news is getting before the assembly elections. Congress may break  once again before the elections .

Two Congress MLAs may resign,

this time BJP is ready to break the Congress stronghold. There is lobbying to sideline the big-headed and populist Congress MLAs. According to sources, two Congress MLAs can resign at any time. Preparations for it have also been made, but two MLAs are sitting in Lhai looking for opportunities. It is also certain that Ray will leave Congress and join BJP. And according to sources, the information is being received that both the MLAs belong to Saurashtra Congress.

The trend of going from the Congress to the AAP party, but

as the elections are approaching in the country, the trend of the leaders changing parties also starts and even in this, when there is no Gujarati that the Congress will break when the assembly elections are coming in Gujarat, there are only a few days left for the assembly elections in Ahmedabad. Congress has received a blow. Chetan Rawal, son of former Ahmedabad City Congress president, former state general minister and veteran Congress leader Prabodh Rawal, joined AAP in the presence of AAP leader Indranil Rajyaguru, along with ex-CM Xaviel Mehta's daughter Nitaben, social leader Dr. Sunil Jadav and former president of Halwad N.P. Mansukh Patel also joined AAP.

BTP's Chaitar Damji Vasava joins AAP

Another leader has switched parties ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections. AAP has dealt a major blow to BTP after the alliance broke up. Chaitar Damji Vasava of BTP has joined AAP. Arvind Kejriwal has welcomed Chaitar Vasava to AAP. Chaitar Vasava was holding the post of acting chairman of Gujarat BTP.

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