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Monday, 31 October 2022

The railway bridge is above the clouds!

hello friends how are you funny good morning picture look for you information and that video and that wrong you will find it is happening all day and you have not seen this anywhere there is great information so you must watch it once

 Friends, above the clouds, the railway bridge has been completed in Jammu Kashmir at a cost of around 28 thousand crore rupees. The highest bridge in the world. The latest pictures are going viral. Check out the latest pictures now. Awada rupee bridge means that it will die tremendously and spectacularly, then watch it once and when it will be done, we will update the complete opposition and this bridge is being prepared in Jammu and Kashmir, then share it more and more and this is the pride of our India. Such a mighty bridge is being built in India

વાદળોની પણ ઉપર છે રેલવેનો બ્રિજ !

જમ્મુ કાશ્મીરમાં આશરે 28 હજાર કરોડ રૂપિયાના ખર્ચે તૈયાર થયેલ દુનિયાના સૌથી ઊંચા બ્રિજની લેટેસ્ટ તસવીરો થઈ રહી છે વાયરલ

Photo Source : KonkanRailway / twitter


 Friends, a video of this bridge is also given, you can also watch that video and you will not see such a bridge anywhere and this is being built for the first time in India and a new place to see Jammu Kashmir. It has become a new hot spot in Najaro and Jammu Kashmir and is a hot spot for traveling buddies.

My dear brothers and friends, you are going to Jammu and Kashmir, today I have brought a great information for you and this is a great gift for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and a great thing for India that a bridge is being built in India.

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