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Sunday, 23 October 2022

Today's Horoscope

Sunday Horoscope: Taurus, Cancer and Leo zodiac signs will have planetary support on Sunday, Libra and Aquarius zodiac signs will also have a good day.

આજનું રાશીફળ

On October 23, Sunday, the auspicious yoga of Indra and Mitra is taking place. Aries will get lucky. Taurus will get back the stuck money. The day will be auspicious for the bureaucratic class of Libra. The day will be good for Aquarius business people. Apart from this Gemini should be careful. There may be stress in the job or business of Sagittarius. Capricorn will take care of work. The day will be normal for other Rashi. October 23 is the black fortnight.

Renowned astrologer Dr. According to your zodiac sign according to Ajay Bhambi.

Aries: -

Positive: - Right planetary position and your positive attitude at this time is bringing you significant success. Make the most of this time. Relationship with relatives will be stronger. Important future plans will also be made.

Negative: - There may be stress due to disturbance in some works related to property or inheritance. Relations with brothers are likely to deteriorate, so be careful. In any problem of the child, your support can solve the problem.

Business: - Your work style and plan can give your business a boost.

Love: - Consult partner in solving any problem

Health : - Gas and constipation may cause lethargy.


Taurus -

Positive: - Your interest in political and social activities will increase. Political contact will also provide some good opportunities for you. There will be a plan regarding the purchase of a new vehicle. A financial problem can be solved by getting back some borrowed money.

Negative: - Students need to pay more attention in their studies. Don't waste your time in hanging out with friends and entertainment, it can stop your important work.

Business: - Your understanding and activities can be very beneficial in business activities.

Love: - Husband-wife relationship can be completed cooperatively.

Health :- Throat may be bad due to allergies at this time.

મીન (દ.ચ.ઝ.થ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
મકર (ખ.જ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
મેષ (અ.લ.ઈ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
કર્ક (ડ.હ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
સિંહ (મ.ટ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
ધન (ભ.ધ.ફ.ઢ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
વૃષભ (બ.વ.ઉ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
વૃશ્ચિક (ન.ય)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
કુંભ (ગ.સ.શ.ષ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
મિથુન (ક.છ.ઘ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
તુલા (ર.ત)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
કન્યા (પ.ઠ.ણ)અહીંથી જુવો રાશીફળ
રાશિફળ સ્ત્રોત : દિવ્યભાસ્કર ન્યુઝ


Gemini: -

Positive: - Today you will spend a day different from everyday life and try to innovate. It will remove your mental and physical fatigue. A new energy flow may be felt within you.

Negative: - Someone may take advantage of your emotionality and generosity. So before trusting someone, think carefully about all their levels. Spending too much time with friends and hanging out can be bad.

Business: - It is important to have transparency in the business related to the partnership.

Love: - Proper harmony will be maintained between husband and wife

Health : - Health can be good.



Positive: - Today, time will be spent with some important and high-ranking persons. It will also increase your respect and also become a way to achieve new success. At this time the opponent will also lay down arms against your personality.

Negative: - Before doing any important work, rethink the plans related to it. Even a small mistake can cause trouble for you. It is necessary to keep everyone disciplined to keep the house system in order.

Business : - Implement the change policies you have made in your business as soon as possible

Love: - The ongoing problems between husband and wife can be resolved.

Health :- Health may be affected due to changing environment at this time.


Leo: -

Positive: - There will be a plan related to the change or renovation of the house. It would be more appropriate to follow the Vastu rules while starting these schemes. It is necessary to maintain a budget to maintain a good financial condition.

Negative: - There will be a stressful atmosphere in the house due to the loss or forgetting of any valuable item. Hope you get your item for sure. There may be some kind of dispute with a close relative or brother in the property circle.

Business: - Today you can be more busy in business.

Love: - You need to bring more positive changes in your behavior to maintain a balanced home environment.

Health : - Careless diet can spoil your digestion.


Daughter :-

Positive: - A court case or pending work related to property can be resolved in your hands. So you can get relief from mental stress. You will be present in controversial matters with relatives.

Negative: - Be very careful while doing any kind of action, small mistakes can lead to big loss. It will be better if you avoid these activities today. Don't reveal your plans to anyone, someone can take advantage of it.

Business : - Do not ignore any movement in the business sector.

Love: - The environment of the house can be right and pleasant.

Health : - Due to carelessness towards eating, the stomach may remain bad.


Libra: -

Positive: - Listen to your conscience before starting any work today, you will definitely get better understanding and thinking ability. There will be a plan for the completion of any demanding work at home.

Negative: - Due to your carelessness, relationship with a close relative may deteriorate. So there is a need to be more careful. Do not ignore the advice of the elders of the house. With their support and blessings, all the arrangements will be perfect.

Business: - Business related to machine and iron can get beneficial success at this time.

Love: - Proper harmony will be maintained in the relationship of husband and wife.

Health : - Keep your diet and routine in order.


Scorpio :-

Positive: - Taking interest in service related activities with religious organizations will give you peace of mind. Also, your honor and dominance will be maintained in the society. Be fully focused on your goal at this time, success may also come.

Negative: - If you are planning to buy a vehicle at this time, avoid it for now. Because now the planetary position is not right. Financial matters will be normal for now. Cut down on unnecessary expenses

Business: - Business activities will require more effort today. Many problems will arise at once.

Love: - The cooperation of husband and wife will maintain each other's confidence

Health :- There may be discomfort and fever related to allergies.



Positive: - At this time some time will be spent in religious and spiritual activities to get physical and mental relaxation. If you are planning to buy a property or a vehicle, think about it seriously.

Negative: - Be more careful while doing any kind of paper work. A small mistake can have big consequences. Applying the advice of an experienced person can prove beneficial.

Business: - If you are thinking of forming a partnership with someone, then your partnership will be very good.

Love: - Family environment can be happy.

Health : - Bad diet can cause bad stomach.


Capricorn: -

Positive: - Today you may have to help a friend in need and by doing so you will experience heart and mental peace. Studying children can get proper result of their hard work. So their confidence will increase.

Negative: - If you are thinking of taking a loan at this time, think again or consult an elder person. Also take good care of your valuables.

Business : - There may be some disruption in the activities related to the business area today.

Love: - The support of spouse and family will increase your confidence to come out of difficult times.

Health : - Pain and weakness may be felt in the body.


Aquarius :-

Positive: - At this time the planet Gochar will maintain full morale and self-confidence within you. Your respect and reputation will increase socially as well. To maintain this success of yours, it is very important that you maintain a gentle and idealistic nature.

Negative: - There will be some worries due to financial problems. This problem will remain for some time so there is no need to worry. Consult the elders of the house at this time.

Business: - If you are planning to start any new work in your business then this is the right time to start. Now the planetary position is completely in your favor.

Love: - Husband and wife will be able to solve any problem in the house.

Health : - Your health will be good.


Pisces: -

Positive: - Today also spend time in activities of your interest to make some changes in daily routine. It can make you feel happy. Positive changes can also occur in the family environment.

Negative: - Don't talk about money transactions anywhere today, your money may get trapped. Youngsters may be in a state of despair due to not getting success in any interview etc.

Business: - Do proper paper work while doing any business related work or money transaction.

Love: - There can be discord in the relationship between husband and wife.

Health : - You may suffer from stomach pain and gas.

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