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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Calorie Counter & Diet Plans : Benefits of Black Raisins

  • Healthy Diet app is the simplest and most effective healthy eating & weight loss app

Winter has come. The risk of different types of diseases increases in this season. Winter is the best season for the growth of fungi and bacteria because of the humidity. Due to which the risk of infection increases. Fungi and bacteria cause many diseases.

Black raisins can give you relief from these ailments. It contains many nutrients including polyphenols, fiber, protein, antioxidants, potassium. Health experts believe that consuming dry grapes with milk is beneficial for the body.

Need a fitness tracker? Want to track steps and exercise on daily basis. The healthy diet app is made for you.

Health Tips / પેટની દરેક મુશ્કેલીઓ માટે વરદાન સમાન છે સૂકી કાળી દ્રાક્ષ! શિયાળામાં દૂધની સાથે કરો સેવન, પછી જુઓ ચમત્કાર

શિયાળામાં કરો કાળી સૂકી દ્રાક્ષનું સેવન 
પેટની સમસ્યાઓ માટે છે વરદાન 
જાણો કઈ રીતે કરશો સેવન 

This App basically contains major features like an eating Healthy Diet, Diet plan, food tracker, food diary, calorie tracker & healthy food recipes, keto diet, step tracker, workout manager, and workout tracker and lose weight within a single App.

Healthy Diet Features::

  1. ● Food planner & macro tracker
  2. ● No Coach is Needed
  3. ● Diet plan & diet tips for your goal - lose weight & eat healthier food
  4. ● Calorie counter & food tracker with all nutrients
  5. ● Macros calculator - track your daily macros, nutrition & calories
  6. ● Meal planner - eat healthy food from delicious recipes for any plan
  7. ● Step and Health tracker - stay on top of your fitness & health
  8. ● Browse a large food database
  9. ● Create custom foods and meals
  10. ● Get a personalized daily calorie goal based on your profile information
  11. ● Keep track of your weight and progress over time
  12. ● Review detailed data and create custom daily goals for your nutritional intake of protein,
  13. fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, sodium & more
  14. ● Easily keep track of your water intake

CALORIE COUNTER & CALORIE TRACKER:- Calculate your daily calorie goal and track daily calories with this app and feel healthier. 

Benefits of Black Raisins

Soak dried grapes in water and consume them
Health experts believe that black raisins reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer and heart-related diseases. Soaking dry grapes in water and eating and drinking that water keeps the body fit.

Helps in cleansing the stomach
Black grape juice helps to cure constipation and cleanse the stomach. It is also used as a medicine in digestive diseases. Black raisins contain many types of anti-oxidants, which improve the skin.

Black grapes increase the immunity of the body
Due to vitamin C, black raisins help in boosting immunity of the body. By heating dry grapes with milk and drinking that milk, it works to boost immunity. Calcium in it strengthens the bones.

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