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Wednesday, 2 November 2022

These are the top 10 reasons why most households' financial condition has worsened in the last 10 years

 Hello friends, how are you, take part of all thinking, let's do this to our friends too, these are the 10 main reasons for the deterioration of the financial condition of most households in the last ten years.

Below you can read the reason in the area can also read in gujarati and can also read in english also give opinion to people can see you can see

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Here are the top 10 reasons why most homes have deteriorated in the last ten years

All the members in the house have to play and because of the smartphone the attention of the people in the house is not there and the smartphone is very expensive now there are no smart phones in the price below 10,000. Going for a walk for looks is very much going on in the trend, like the neighbor next to us who goes for a walk even if he goes for a walk, the look is very much going, even after fighting with the parents because of the looks, children take mobile phones.

If the bike is running, taking a car for stunts is a train, friends, it is a bike, but taking a car to stand is a trend that is going on a lot now. The train is running a lot right now which is also a big reason

Less food made at home Eating out in Viken Many friends now people don't feel like eating at home and people don't like to cook People don't like to eat at bars and eat outside in wickets every day in hotels they don't even want to eat home food It's getting very wary and trade If there is a lot going on, then eat outside

 Beauty Parlor Salon Bread clothes trend is very much going Beauty Parlors are very much preferred by women and men go to salons Good to good salons with AC even in non-AC salons same as cutting clothes but apart from that going to salons is a must Branded clothes The very trend of wearing it is also a big reason

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 Birthday and marriage anniversary money photos and excessive smoking If it's a birthday party go out to bars go out to eat in hotels and give each other gifts along with celebrate marriage anniversary call people go out to eat in hotels go out all such celebrations that smoke the real money It is also a big reason for the financial situation at home

 Show engagement and love interest, business, money, wrong money, fashion and school and increase in tuition fee in private school, which is going on very much, in train, not in government school, but if you want to go to private school, even if government school is as good as private school. And the tuition fee is increasing a lot and the tuition also has to go due to the wrong life style increase in medical expenses is also a big reason.

High interest on loans and credit cards lead to buying more things

 Income is not increasing according to these expenses, as a result, there is peace in most of the houses and reduce unnecessary expenses and the basic needs of man were bread and clothes and house but will remain. Now be aware and think about your future generations.

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