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Friday, 23 December 2022

360 degree video shot from the top of Mount Everest

 Hello friends, how are you, today I have brought great information for you, friends, from this post, you will get complete information in the area, you will get the information for the post, friends, as it looks like rotating from the top of Mt. Everest. It is becoming very waral for you on social media today we bring you information about Vidya today and that waran video today this question is its information and that video you can watch

માઉન્ટ એવરેસ્ટની ટોચ પરથી ભમરડાંની જેમ ફરતી દેખાઈ પૃથ્વી, જોતા જ રહી જશો મનમોહક નજારો👌

🌎 360 ડિગ્રી એન્ગલથી વીડિયો કર્યો શુટિંગ👇

Friends, you can see the earth at the top of Mt Everest, this is an amazing video, it is going viral on social media, it is 360 degree angle, it has been shot for the second time, so you already know how amazing this video is, know today how this video is and it is You can also comment in the below given to watch the video how you liked this video

  Share to friends and send to your other social media too. You will not find such information anywhere. Today there is a viral video for you. It is very interesting to know and learn. Share it as much as possible and send it to your other brothers, friends and your other whatsapp groups.

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