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Thursday 29 December 2022

Bhaskar Explainer Corona did this to Japan, VIDEO

Bhaskar Explainer Corona did this to Japan, VIDEO: Hospitals are full from the 8th wave, children are also in trouble, the death rate broke the record, know why the developed country also gasped?

ભાસ્કર એક્સપ્લેનરકોરોનાએ જાપાનના આ હાલ કર્યા, VIDEO:8મી લહેરથી હૉસ્પિટલો ફુલ, બાળકો પણ ઝપેટમાં, મૃત્યુઆંકે રેકોર્ડ તોડ્યો, જાણો કેમ વિકસિત દેશ પણ હાંફી ગયો?

Many countries of the world became alerted as soon as Corona got out of control in China, but apart from China, Japan is also a country where Corona has shocked the government, public and the entire system. The eighth wave of Corona has already arrived in Japan. As soon as the statistics of daily cases of Corona came out on December 28, the concern has increased.

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Children were more victims

According to Worldometer statistics, 2 lakh 16 thousand 219 cases have been reported in Japan in a single day. While 415 people have died due to Corona. The Omicron variant is proving to be very lethal to the people of Japan, as most of the patients who become infected and die are children.

Cases decreased after August

Earlier on August 19, 261 thousand 252 cases were reported in Japan, which was very high for Japan at that time, after which the cases started to decrease. The Japanese government felt that the seventh wave was complete.

The statistics of active cases are shocking

According to a Japan Times report, the eighth wave has hit the country since the beginning of November and the cases continue to rise. Currently, there are 74 lakh 44 thousand 664 active cases of Corona in Japan. The total population of Japan is around twelve and a half crore, so the situation of corona infection can be estimated from this figure.

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How effective was the vaccine?

According to the data of John Hawking University, 10 crore 31 lakh, i.e. 81.9 percent people in Japan have taken the corona vaccine. The area most affected by Corona in Japan is Tokyo, where more than 20 thousand new cases are being registered in a single day.

Why did corona cases increase in Japan?

On October 11, the Covid guidelines were relaxed in Japan. The government claimed that if the rules were relaxed, the economy would recover. During this period, around 10 to 12 thousand positive cases of Corona were reported daily in Japan, but as soon as the rules were eased, more than 10 lakh foreigners arrived in Japan for business, employment and travel in the month of November alone. Some experts believe that this is the reason why the infection of Corona is increasing in Japan.

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