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Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Easy way to know which food is adulterated at home, two drops of tincture in milk and ghee will tell if adulterated or not

Water in milk
After checking the house, if any confusion is found, inform the system: Asst. Commissioner

The level of adulteration of food items is continuously increasing and the raids at many places have revealed profiteering by adding chemicals. Food adulteration is detected in lab tests when not all people can undergo this test. So how can people easily know whether the product they have bought is safe or not?

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Assistant Commissioner of Rajkot District Food and Drugs L.D. Discussing with Phaldu, he said that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has issued a Dart book i.e. Detect Alteration with Rapid Test which can be downloaded from the website, and by studying it one can easily identify adulteration in milk, ghee, oil, grains. Is it or not.

No other equipment is needed for this. In some tests iodine called tincture is available in medical stores and can be detected by this because it has the nature of changing color in certain mixtures. Insist on the bill at the time of purchase and if any confusion is found, inform the municipality or the district system and direct action can be taken at the place of purchase.

Find out what foods can be tested

Water in Milk
Place a drop of milk on a smooth surface like glass. If the drop falls to the ground and leaves behind a white line, it is pure milk, if it does not leave and runs immediately, it has too much water.

Starch in milk, cheese

If two drops of tincture of starch
in milk and cheese change color to purple, then it is adulterated. If there is cheese or maca, first boil it in water and after cooling, add the tincture.

Mash potato in ghee

Mashed Potatoes in Ghee
Put two tablespoons of ghee in a small glass bowl. Put two drops of tincture of iodine in it, if there is adulteration, the color will change to blue.

Toxic chemicals in oil

Toxic chemicals in oil
Keep some oil in a glass bowl. Add butter if the oil starts to turn red in color then it is contaminated with a toxic chemical called TOCP.

Take a small amount of milk and add an equal amount of water to it and then stir it evenly. Pure milk will have very little foam while adulterated milk will have a thick layer of foam.

Add chili
powder to a glass of water. Pure chilies will sit down with the same color. The straw will float on the water.

Grass seeds in cumin grass
seeds are ground in charcoal powder and mixed with cumin seeds. Take a handful of cumin and rub it in the palm, if black color appears in the palm, then there is adulteration.

Black Pepper
Put the black pepper in a glass, the black pepper will settle to the bottom and the mixed papaya seeds will float in it.

Make a small pile of rusted tea husks in a teapot and rotate a magnet around it. Pure husks will not make a difference but rust or iron husks placed in them will be attracted to the magnet.

Color in chilli powder
Fill a glass glass with water and put chilli powder in it. If color is added, the color will appear to separate from the powder.

Color in Turmeric
Put turmeric in a glass. Pure turmeric will settle down, leaving a light yellow color. If there is adulteration, a dark yellow color will appear.

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Sugar in honey
Put some honey in a glass of water. If honey dissolves in water it will be sugar. Pure honey does not dissolve. Apart from this, put honey in a sack of wool and burn it, pure honey will burn immediately and there will be a sound in mixture.

Asafoetida mixture
Take asafoetida in a steel spoon and place it near a candle. Pure asafoetida will burn like camphor. If it is mixed, it will not burn. Apart from this add asafoetida in a glass and stir it if it is mixed then the foam will curl and sit at the bottom and not dissolve. To know the third adulteration, after putting asafoetida in water, add tincture, if the color changes, it is adulteration.

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