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Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Free Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat Application Form

Hello friends, how are you? Today, Medical Investment Assistance Scheme 2022 is happening for you in the state of Gujarat.

Friends Friends This government scheme under medical aid scheme is currently running to provide investment assistance every month to all patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases like TB or cancer in which you get ₹500 per month for TB patients and heat for cancer patients. 1000 rupees and 800 rupees for Lapris patients are eligible to receive financial assistance directly in their bank account. 

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Here below the complete information about the scheme is given, its step information is given, information about where to apply in the area and a pdf file of the same is also given where the form has to be deposited. The document and its necessary information have been placed in this post, so you can read it and send it to your brothers and friends. Send this information to those who need it.

*🔳ટીબીના દર્દીને દર મહિને- ૫૦૦/-*

*🔳 કેન્સરના દર્દીને દર મહિને- ૧૦૦૦/-*

*🔳 લેપ્રસિના દર્દીને દર મહિને- ૮૦૦/-*

Free Medical Aid Scheme: Some populations in the state are not able to buy prescribed medicines, nutritious food, injections, etc during the diseases like TB, cancer, etc. due to their weak economic condition government has Free Medical Aid Scheme. Here we share a full guide about Free Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat so needy people can get the benefits.

Free Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat

All patients of any religion and caste belonging to the state of Gujarat and suffering from serious diseases like TB, leprosy, and cancer treatment are eligible for this medical assistance scheme. As per the government rules, some documents are required to be submitted along with this form. The form verifies under the health department of the district Panchayat and when it's approved patients get money in a bank account.

Under the medical aid, scheme patients get rs 500 per month directly in their bank account. this assistance will be available to them as long as the TB patient continues their treatment. Cancer patients get 1000 rupees per month under this scheme.

Documents List Free Medical Aid Scheme:

  • Ration card
  • Copy of TB card if TB patient
  • Income Certificate (by competent authority)
  • An instance of Caste by Competent Authority
  • Patient's Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of LC in case of no caste instance
  • Patient's bank Passbook

Income limit::

The income limit for availing benefits under Free Medical Aid Scheme is fixed by the Government its not more than 1,20,000 in rural areas and 1,50,000 in urban areas.

Medical Aid Scheme Application Form pdf 1
Medical Assistance Scheme Application Form (Scheduled Caste)
*બે હાથ જોડી નમ્ર વિનંતી છે કે આ માહિતી દરેક લોકો સુધી વધુ ને વધુ શેર કરો , જરૂરિયાતમંદ લોકો સુધી આ માહિતી પહોંચાડવા માં મદદ કરો👏👏*

If you like the Free Medical Aid Scheme information then share it with more and more Friends. Now Day People are suffering from many types of diseases in a society like TB and cancer, if you don't need this application form then share this article with every group of society so this information reached needy people.

Friends this is government information and share this to more and more people send it to your other whatsapp group and social media people who need this information especially poor people need hope take advantage of this scheme most of the people in the society are unaware under this scheme most of the people If you don't know anything about this scheme and can't take advantage of this scheme due to lack of necessary information, then tell the people who bring this information to you today about this information. It is a humble request that you share this information more and more to everyone, help to convey this information to the needy people as well. Share more

Friends, how do you like this information? You can comment and let us know whether you have benefited from this scheme or not. You can tell us by commenting whether your other brothers and friends are benefiting from this scheme. Don't update even if you can, you will get new government scheme from this website, along with government recruitment and private recruitment information, news breaking only, stay connected to this website and get information.

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