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Friday, 9 December 2022

Okha to Bet Dwarka Cable Bridge. Viral video

 Hello friends, how are you, today I have brought a very good news for you, friends, here in that post, its detail is given and its video is also given.

In our country this news is just coming with it the country's longest cable steering bij is going to be built in the sea in gujarat have to get information about it today and its complete information and how this bridge will be built in which place and how it will be made a video But you can see what is given in this post.

Okha to Beta Dwarka cable bridge is the longest cable steering bridge of the country is being prepared at a cost of 962 crores which is being built in Gujarat. And different and wonderful views will be seen

🌉 ઓખા થી બેટ દ્વારકા કેબલ બ્રિજ.

🇮🇳 દેશનો સૌથી લાંબો કેબલ સ્ટેઈડ બ્રિજ

 🚠 962 કરોડના ખર્ચે તૈયાર થશે.

ડ્રોન વ્યૂ જુઓ


Signature Cable Bridge Drone View: Click Here

Friends, if you must know that our country is developing very much, there is a boom and in the category of developing countries, the speed of developing has increased very much and very good and beneficial projectors are coming in the country, the government is also bringing new projects as well. This is a new one such awesome project is very happy and good news for you

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Friends, how do you like this information and if a bridge has been built, then comment and tell them whether you will go there to see that bridge or not and today a wonderful and powerful bridge is being built which is being built in our Gujarat, then it is a matter of pride for you and this If it is happening in Dwarka, whether you have been to Dwarka or not, it will be awesome in Dwarka.

  Friends come information and know information some wonderful and different and strange projects developing in the country and strange information and news breaky news different projects are going on in the country and the development of our country is growing at a very fast pace you got complete information from this post and this website. You will get daily new updates and new knowledge and learning from this website

Various projectors are running in the country, from the government, you will get the information of that project updated in this post, as soon as the new project comes, new updates will be seen and today this is becoming the longest cable bridge in the sea. And a video of how this bridge will look like and how it will be built is also shot by drone, so you can see it from this post, your friends and your brothers friends, send it to other whatsapp groups and share it. It is a matter of pride in our Gujarat that such a great bridge has been built has been

  Friends, comment and tell us how you like the information and whether you have seen this video or not, also comment and tell us and share more and come and join our whatsapp telegram channel to get information. Every day information will be updated on our website. Keep it true you will also get daily new updates in it

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