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Tuesday 27 December 2022

The LPG gas are cylinder also has a expiry date, this is the correct way to the check.

Why this number written on LPG gas cylinder is very important, 98% people are not aware of this.

➖ A, B, C, D are written at the beginning of the numbers on the cylinder, what does it mean?
■ Know. in detail

Liquid petroleum gas is also used in the present city but also in rural areas. In one phase, women were cooking a meal on a wire and fuel of dung, but now the time has been changed, so most homes are cooked on gas. It is as much as possible as an LPG is as far as it is dangerous.

 Due to the being very flammable, if there is a little negligence during it is used, you can become a victim of an accident. You will often read about the events that happen to the gas cylinder. Therefore, you can also keep a little precaution while using it. Here we are giving you tips about what it is proper to use. 

⛔🧯LPG ગૅસ સિલિંડર પર લખેલ આ નંબર શા માટે ખુબ જ મહત્વપૂર્ણ છે, ૯૮% લોકો આ વાતથી અજાણ છે. 

➖ સિલિન્ડર ઉપર નંબરોની શરૂઆતમાં A, B, C, D લખેલ હોય છે જેનો મતલબ શુ હોય છે ?

■ જાણો. વિગતવાર ⤵️

Always check in  the expiry date of the cylinder

Whenever in the gas cylinder comes to your home, make sure you did not get in the cylinder of the expiry date. State that in the expiry cylinder also has the cause of the many accidents occurring in a home.

 Thus the expiry of the cylinder is always kept in the mind by petroleum companies, but then as a wake customer, you should also check. Because in case of the black marketing, some cylinder survives a security investigation and accidentally reaches your home. It is not a very difficult task to verify the expiry date of the cylinder. So, you can just need to keep in the mind some letters written on the cylinder. You will see some numbers in cylinders a, b, C, D, and some of the numbers.

In this way, the capital of the cylinder is due to this letter from January to March, B. April to June, C means from a July to September, and  D. October to December. The numbers written next to it are related to the end of the expiry month. For example, if written A-24 on the cylinder, it means that the termination date of the cylinder will be from January to March from January to 2024. 
Because synthetic catches a little bit of the carelessness soon. Do not forget to put something on the ongoing gas. Pay attention to it. Open the door and windows for in the air aware of the same. Do not even make the wise, candle or a lamp experiment error while working in the kitchen. 

Put in the kerosene or another stove around where the gas has been a placed. To remove the regulator on the gas leak, let the Safety Cap and the report it to the cylinder are open. Close in the  gas regulator and keep all the gas stoves. Let the Safety Cap rejoin the cylinder.

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