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Sunday 1 January 2023

વિશ્વનું સૌથી ઠંડુ શહેર / અધ..ધ..ધ… -71 ડિગ્રી તાપમાન / Where even food items turn to stone in the cold

Coldest city in the world: Cold season has started in every country now. Cold has a great impact on our human life. Then there is a city in Russia where the temperature reaches -80 degrees in winter. Due to the cold, everything in the house becomes ice. Then we think that why people can live in such a low temperature? Let's know today about the city of Yakutsk, Russia.

વિશ્વનું સૌથી ઠંડુ શહેર / અધ..ધ..ધ… -71 ડિગ્રી તાપમાન / જ્યાં ખાવાની ચીજવસ્તુઓ પણ ઠંડીમા પથ્થર બની જાય છે

Coldest city in the world

At present, it is very cold in many countries of the world. Currently, the news of the snow storms in Canada and America is in the news, but today we are going to introduce a city, which is famous all over the world only because of its extreme cold. It gets so cold here that the temperature in winter reaches -71 degree.

વિશ્વનું સૌથી ઠંડુ શહેર

ઠંડીને લીધે ભોજન પણ પથ્થર બની જાય છે

બરફ ગરમ કરતા મળે પીવાનુ પાણી

વિશ્વનું સૌથી ઠંડુ શહેર

We are talking about the cold city of Yakutsk, Russia. Photos and videos of Yakutsk city are currently going viral on social media. In which people are telling how cold they are facing right now. A picture of a girl from Yakutsk is currently going viral on social media, in which her eyelashes are seen frozen. And the ice is frozen on the eyelashes. Water bottles have also broken due to the cold here.

Food also turns to stone due to cold

Yet another photo of the city has gone viral on social media in which a man's tractor and his beard are frozen. The temperature here has dropped to -71 degrees. From eggs to Maggi and other food items are also frozen here. Yakutsk has a population of about 3.60 lakh people. It is the capital of Yakutia state in Siberia, Russia. The period from October to April is full of difficulties for the people living here. However, by July, the temperature reaches 24 degrees Celsius.

The sunrise in Yakutsk city is usually around 10:30 AM but the sun does not even appear for many days. And by 3 pm the sun sets. People take various measures to avoid cold. Such as wearing special insulated clothing, deerskin shoes, long fur coats and scarves. From December to February time becomes more difficult here. However, the brightness does not diminish during New Year or any festival during this time.

Drinking water is obtained by heating ice

As for drinking water, people have to heat ice for it. First people have to bring ice cubes from the river and then heat them, then they can get drinking water. People say that if he comes out, his face and fingers start to go numb within 20 minutes. That's why it doesn't stay out for long. People also go to pubs and nightclubs during the night. At the same time public transportation is also available for the convenience of people.

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