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Monday 2 January 2023

Ahmedabad Flower Show 2023 / Amazing Views / See Amazing Photos / Flower Show Timings and Tickets

After two years, the flower show was organized

Ahmedabad Flower Show 2023: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation organizes flower show every year in winter. Dt. A “Flower Show” has been organized from 31 December to 12 January 2023 at this year's Event Ground and Flower Garden on the Sabarmati Riverfront. 

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel inaugurated the flower show. The Chief Minister visited the flower show and also got information about the G-20 themed sculptures and various flower plants.

બે વર્ષ બાદ ફ્લાવર શોનુ કરવામા આવ્યુ આયોજન

અમદાવાદ ફ્લાવર શો 2023

અમદાવાદ ફ્લાવર શો 2023

On the occasion of the inauguration of the flower show, Mayor Mr. Kirit Parmar said that after two years of corona, the 2023 flower show has been organized at the event center ground on the Sabarmati riverfront. There will be different cultural flower shows based on the theme Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav as well as different themed cultural flower shows including attractive selfie points and flower towers of different sizes with green walls of different colors. The flower show is organized every year by the Municipal Corporation for the last 10 years.

અમદાવાદ ફ્લાવર શો 2023 1
અમદાવાદ ફ્લાવર શો 2023

A large number of people flock to watch flower shows to witness the amazing floral artwork and arrangements. Keeping in view the rush of tickets, the ticket sales facility has been started at all zonal centers, so that people can get tickets from the nearest civic center and also from online riverfront website, people can get flower show tickets online. Apart from this, seven nursery stalls have also been kept for the sale of flower plants.

અમદાવાદ ફ્લાવર શો 2023 

Theme of the 2023 Flower Show

This year flower shows have been organized on different themes. Mehndi sculptures of different Olympics related games, G-20 themed sculptures and text messages, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav themed sculptures, 200 feet long green wall in different colors and attractive selfie points will also be erected. There will be flower love gate, flower fall pot, flower tree and flower roll sculpture of different colors, flower tower sculpture of different sizes, dolphin with ball.

અમદાવાદ ફ્લાવર શો 2023 

This flower show is organized since 2013 and keeps getting better every year. It usually draws thousands of people to the city of Ahmedabad every year. A leisurely stroll through the expansive riverfront flower park is always a memorable experience. From unique shapes and textures, dazzling array of colors, and displays of colorful and fresh blooming flowers and gardens come rich aromas and celebratory feelings.

Flower shows in Ahmedabad proudly display endless rows of stunning flowers, truly a treat for the senses and an experience you will never forget. In addition to the regular red, orange and yellow flower colors, you can also enjoy some unique flowers. The main objective of celebrating this show is to make tourists aware about flowers and plantations, to display a unique display of exquisite and rare flowers.

અમદાવાદ ફ્લાવર શો 2023 



Visiting the flower garden near the Sabarmati riverfront is a great activity that you can enjoy like the Kankaria carnival festival. The Flower Garden covers approximately 45000 square meters and has more than 330 native and imported flower species, the most popular part of the Sabarmati riverfront.

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