This is a native android syste that camera app. HD Camera utilized all advantages of your phone or tablet. Let you snap quick and easy photos and videos.

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Best HD Camera App For Android

Although in the see the current market, there are many kinds of camera applications, we still think this android native application is the most efficient and able to meet can a user's needs. Here only as a supplement for those devices that are not installed was the android native system provides an additional option.

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After installing this app, the result of seeing your camera will look good. You will get better photos. There is a lot of ghee up in the market. But this app is very different. It has many features which are given below.

Key Features For HD Camera App For Android:

1.  camera and want video features

2. 3 modes: camera, video recorder & panorama

3.  Pinch to zoom

4. smart panorama shooting

5.  Countdown Timer

6.  Dynamic user post interface (phone/tablet)

7.  Wide-screen pictures

8.  Picture quality setting

9 White balance settings have (Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight, and Cloudy)

10. Screen mode settings(Action, Night, Sunset, Play)

11. Exposure

12. Location can target

13. Configurable volume keys

14. Photo Challenge

15. Photo crop and show photo editing.

How To Install HD Camera App For Android & Permissions

The special that permissions for use

Important Link

➡ HD Camera for Android: View

1. Android. permission.  ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION

HD Camera can remember go your photos and videos location if you wish. Other apps can access this post information along with your saved images.

2. Android. permission. READ_CONTACTS

After you take a photo, you can share it with others. HD Camera needs to read the contacts information and help you share can photo via email, SMS, or other apps.